For many they have been taking some form of contraception internally for many years – The pill, Mirena, depo shot, all these things have a long list of side effects and long term risks we as women are not well informed about prior to taking. 

I know for me at the young age of 13 my Dr thought it a great idea to prescribe the OCP to me, “this should sort out her cycle” he said, I was only having a bleed every 2 months and it wasn’t great. 

Did he ask about my diet? Stress levels? Changes at home and at school? NOPE!! 

No enquiries into why my body was in major stress mode causing cycle disruption. Had he of asked we may have had a different outcome.

Nonetheless I was on the pill for 7 wonderful years! NOT..  I was depressed, hormonal, often at times suicidal. I was happily skipping periods and bleeding 4 times a year which to my teenage mind was wonderful! My body was in distress and I was ignoring all the signs. 

As I got into my late teen years I started to question my symptoms, I decided to take myself off the pill and found myself a screaming mess on the bathroom floor each cycle, yes the dreaded Endometriosis had come. 

After surgery to remove the endo, I was given the option of returning to the pill or having the Mirena put in, I knew the pill was not my friend so Mirena it was. INSTANT REGRET!!!

Firstly – just slight discomfort is not the words I would use to describe the absolute barbaric methods of inserting this device into a rather sensitive space thank you. 

Secondly it sent me insane. Literally. within one week my partner was asking me “what the heck is wrong with you” after 6 weeks of begging the dr to take this thing out of me they conceded and did as I asked. RELIEF washed over me. Within a day I felt more myself than I had for almost 2 months. What was in this thing? How could it have such a huge effect on may mental health?

In a desperate attempt to stop the pain from the endometriosis I sought help from my sisters homeopath, with no knowledge of what in the world that was. 


For 2 hours I sat down, I spoke about my whole life, my mum, my dad, my siblings, my birth, my childhood, absolutely everything was covered off and I was prescribed some tiny sugar pills. 

Not only did my endometriosis symptoms begin to ease, my mental health shifted, my perspectives on life changed. 

Obviously this doesn’t make me any less likely to fall pregnant haha, but the amount of women I have tell me their horror stories of contraceptives deserves looking into other options. 

For me it is cycle monitoring and Family planning methods. 

You can find out more about your cycle and how to track it in my post here

If you have suffered like me, there are other options, there are ways to heal and you are never alone.