Have you heard on social media lately about your cycle? If not prepare to have your socks blown off. 

We, women, have a monthly cycle, yes this includes menstruation but that is only one element of your cycle. 

Learning the archetypes that you flow through each cycle, supports you in understanding yourself more deeply. They are like energetic imprints of what will occur based upon what the hormones in your body are cycling through.

We can see how powerful they are though, when we also witness them cycling within ourselves when we aren’t cycling, such as during pregnancy, loss of menstruation, extended cycles, menopause or after having our physical womb removed. This is often where we see ourselves align more deeply with the rhythm of the moon.

The Maiden


MOON PHASE: Waxing Moon

SEASON: Spring


CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

LIFE PHASE INITIATION: Menarche/beginning Menstruation (She is the teenager)


Purity, Innocence, Independence, Enthusiasm, Strength, Authenticity, Determined, Courageous,

Energised, Positive, Full of Ideas, Developing Self-awareness, Pushing Boundaries.

In this season of spring we feel ourselves taking notice of the world around us, seeing everything with fresh perspective, feeling creative energies stirring as ideas literally spring to life, we are beginning to blossom.

The Mother



SEASON: Summer



LIFE PHASE INITIATION: Birth of a child or new idea/project or phase of life


Birthing, Nurturing, Compassion, Protective, Unconditional love, Fertile, Wisdom, Ingenuity and

Artfulness, Inner Strength, Sacred care-taking, Connection to Mama Earth, Full Creative Potential,

Sensuality, Sexuality, Visibility, Being in Flow, Magnetism and Attraction.

In this season we are in full bloom, unstoppable, for many women this is when they make all the plans, feel their best and get out and about (that’s not to say all the plans aren’t regretted in the next season lol)


The Wild Woman

MENSTRUAL PHASE: Pre-menstruation

MOON PHASE: Waning Moon

SEASON: Autumn


CHAKRA: Throat

LIFE PHASE INITIATION: Children leaving home, Separation, Significant loss or Emotional ending,

reaching 40-45 years old


The healer/medicine woman, Reflection, Acceptance, Integration, Uninhibited, Fierceness, Untamed,

Wild and Free, Intuition, Discerning, Truth speaking, Channel.

In this season we are slowing down, we are closing off out ideas, we are becoming still, needing rest and quiet, finishing off projects. We can feel quite ‘lazy’ or a little cranky, self care should be a high priority in this phase.


The Crone


MOON PHASE: Dark/New Moon

SEASON: Winter


CHAKRA: Third Eye

LIFE PHASE INITIATION: Post Menopausal, around 60 years+


Emotional sensitivity, Wisdom, Slowing down, Transformation, Nourishment, Renewal, Lessons learned,

Deeper spiritual connection, Direct communication.

In this season we are internally focussed, we may have vivid dreams, be a little sensitive, teary. We may also feel satisfied, releasing and letting go of all that hasn’t served us during this month ready to move into our spring season, fresh and green.

You may have heard of syncing with the moon in our cycles. For some they will bleed with the new moon (letting go, in their darkness) and ovulate with the full moon – for many it is the opposite and often relates to the season of life we are in. 

As our bleed slow and stops during menopause we can revert to the moon cycles and see how they match our emotions and subtle bodily feelings to remind ourselves when to turn inward. 

To learn how to chart your cycle and support yourself check my blog post here.