What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an energetic based Medicine that dates back 200+ years and is one of the safest, natural medicines in the world today, in fact it is the second largest medicine practice worldwide.

Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ where something like arsenic would cause vomiting, diarhea, cramping etc, Arsenic in its homeopathic preparation Arsenicum Album has the potential to cure these clinical symptoms when given, think of things like food poisoning and gastric flu.

Amazing right?!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Homeopathy is a major player in treating mental health problems like Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Postpartum depression and PMDD to name a few. Now I am not talking masking symptoms, I am talking about addressing the underlying triggers to alleviate these symptoms for good.

Eczema, Psoriasis, Behavioural disorders, Headaches, Menstrual dysfunction, Pregnancy symptoms, the list goes on and on.

Arnica has been scientifically proven to be as effective as non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications. Arnica which you will find widely available on shelves in chemists and health food stores.

Acute Consultations

These consults are for those times when you are faced with an acute complaint, eg: colds and coughs, shock, acute grief, flu, food poisoning etc and need a helping hand identifying a good remedy match.

Chronic Consultations

A chronic consult takes in the totality of who you are, we look at your symptoms physically, mentally and emotionally to identify a treatment plan, we also discuss diet and lifestyle changes to have you back on track to a healthier you.

Fertility Consultations

The Homeopathic Fertility Protocol I use in clinic is a safe, natural alternative to IVF treatments for couples facing fertility challenges.
This is a 4 month protocol, that balances hormones with an 87% success rate.

What does a consult look like?

You can book in to see me face to face or via a Telehealth appointment via the booking buttons.

We will have an in depth session followed by 1-2 days where I will assess your case and make a remedy selection based on your symptoms, Homeopathic medicines will then be dispensed and posted to you with instructions on how to take the Medicine and what to do if you have any questions.

Acute Homeopathic Consults

  • These are for common ailments that are of a first aid, acute nature eg, headaches, cold & flu, bruising, sprains and strains, cuts, bites, burns, gastro etc
  • A 20 minute consultation and Homeopathic recommendation – Remedy or blend + Postage at additional cost
  • Email follow up

Chronic Homeopathic Consults

This consultation is an in depth look into your life, past, present and a good understanding of where you would like to be at, mentally emotionally and physically compared to where you are currently.

      • A 60-90 minute session dedicated to listening and understanding you as a whole being.
      • These sessions are for ailments of a chronic nature – Depression, Anxiety, Hormonal imbalances, Post Partum Support, Gut and skin issues, Sinus etc.
      • 1x Email follow up is included
      • Remedies + Postage charged seperately.