Okay so this one is a little controversial, lots of people have tried to prove over and over that homeopathics have no scientific backing and are ineffective, studies have been done, documentaries made. (It has me thinking why on earth are they trying so hard to prove it ineffective)

I challenge this with the amount of people who have had medical sciences fail them with backed medicines and who have subsequently turned to homeopathics even when skeptical and had major breakthroughs and healing. 

By this I mean cancer patients who have been deemed knocking at deaths door have chemo fail them yet miraculously recover with homeopathic care and other healing modalities. 

What about severe suicidal depression and anxieties, turned around within days to weeks after starting a hand picked remedy.

Eczema cleared completely after years of suppressive medications failed to help them.

The list goes on and on. 

Modern medicine treats symptoms, homeopathics dig deep and treat the entire person. This is why I love them so much. 

Now in my ever humble opinion – even if (which I don’t believe) but even if they were placebo, if it works let it work, why would you want to prove it otherwise. Why would you want to bring someones cancer back just to say aha see you were only cured because of your mind. YOUR EVER AMAZING MIND.

Alas homeopathic are an energy based medicine – in fact it is the second largest medical system in the world, widely used in countries like India and France where the medical system has accepted its profound efficacy. 

Do not get me wrong, this is not a “don’t trust the medical world” kind of post. It certainly has its place – modern medicine is fundamentally important and amazing. If I break my arm I know where I am heading, if my fingers chopped off or heaven forbid something worse, you bet your bottom dollar you will find me heading to the hospital – I just don’t think our hospitals should be overrun with cases of gastro, bites and stings, mild allergic reactions etc etc that can be treated safely and effectively at home with homeopathics.

It is my firm belief every single household should have a homeopathic first aid kit, save the drs and hospitals for those serious times and learn to treat yourself and your children confidently. 

You can find fantastic home first aid kits from RMDY Collective https://rmdycollective.com/ot3wqx

Or if you would like to dive a little deeper and discuss how I can help you, reach out here.