Welcome to this space, I am Bec, a women’s health and fertility practitioner with a strong passion and focus on Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and postpartum support for women and couples.

Combining my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist with homeopathy has been a game changer in assisting my clients.

The combination of these 2 modalities is a powerhouse for real, deep, effective change and healing. I do not say this lightly, Hypnosis is at the core of almost every healing modality, accessing the subconscious to alleviate long held traumas, integrated belief systems, phobias, fears and everything in between. Accompanied by homeopathy (which if you ask me is the ULTIMATE healing tool) to alleviate long held emotion, balance hormones, adjust perspectives and tap our vital force into tip top shape.

I am an advocator for conscious conception journeys, with a keen interest in teaching women about their menstrual cycles and how to honour and nourish themselves through the seasons. I have always loved pregnancy and birth, being blessed with 3 beautiful children has only cemented my love for this and further encouraged me to help women attain the smoothest transitions from maiden to mother. 

After completing my Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, holistic counselling and training with RMDY collective in fertility homeopathic protocols and first aid, it is my pleasure to meet you.

You will find me constantly researching and learning, in my humble opinion, there is never too much knowledge to be gained.

In my private life I am a home educator who loves adventure, gardening, simple farm life and being in nature. 

If you have read this far, I look forward to working with you! 

Big love xx